Agriculture has become a


A non-profit membership organization, industry supported and member run

Implementing eBusiness in Agriculture with Global Collaboration.

In a framework of collaboration by members, across a wide variety of Agricultural industry segments.

The Path 

to Achieving 

Global Collaboration

Through its regional member organizations, AgGateway Global Network will be the primary source of enabling eBusiness in Agriculture.
To promote and expand the implementation of eBusiness standards and guidelines in Agriculture globally.
The ability to use the same standards globally will significantly increase your company’s ability to leverage your investment in eBusiness.

You will have the opportunity to use best practices and enhanced business processes in other regions of the world.

Using AgGateway standards and guidelines will also extend those benefits to companies in other parts of the world that are not currently members of AgGateway.

Using AgGateway standards globally reduces the chance that conflicting standards will be developed and implemented in other regions. In locations where conflicting eBusiness standards already exist, this plan will provide a good opportunity to collaboratively resolve those differences.