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AgGateway Europe Working Meeting

Friday, 20 October, 9:00 – 16:00 CET

Hosted by Fritz Schuster, Agrobase-Logigram SARL
Centre de Convention, Réunions de talents, Archamps Technopole, Porte sud de Genéve:
Domaine de Chosal, 92 Rue Ada Byron, 74160 Archamps, France

Hotel Information, and Draft Programme

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  • On the day before (in the afternoon of Thursday 19oct17) Agrobase-Logigram / CMT Lexagri France organise at the same location a special workshop about the Homologa database. The question is how to satisfy the growing need for reliable, up-to-date and digitalized regulatory data for crop protection products and seed? The Homologa database offers a central point of entry to get access to all relevant data about crop protection products that can be used in agriculture in Europe. The current Homologa database is based on information that is officially published by governmental organisations and that is linked to specific legislation and regulation. This is only part of the available en relevant data, e.g., information like EAN numbers, pack-sizes and other information that is needed by the distribution channels and logistics is missing. In the 19oct17 meeting it is discussed how to complete the Homologa database with all relevant data.

    You can sign up for this special Agrobase-Logigram / CMT Lexagri France by clicking the box in this signup form.